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  Purchase business

GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION works in order to find for you the business you like and makes you feel comfortable. You, like the other business purchasers, have the vision of being your own boss and make your own decisions. The business you have decided to run should correspond to your own ideals and ideas, and, most important, the business you buy should bring you profit.

Why are businesses for sale ?

Despite general opinion, businesses are not sold only because they are next door to bankruptcy. Therefore, there may be plenty of sound reasons for which an owner may decide to sell its business, such as:

•    The desire of starting another type of business which may be more exciting or less stressful;
•    The need to introduce in the business new management requirements, new financial resources or a new business philosophy which to cope with the pressures imposed by the market, legislation or competitors;
•    The fatigue cumulated over the years;
•    The desire to retire or change your life style;
•    Lack of investment capital;
•    The concern regarding the business exposure to the risks of some personal obligations;
•    Serious health issues or disabilities;
•    Family issues (e.g. divorce) or partnership interruption when the business is owned by several associates;
•    Leaving from Romania, etc.