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  About us

GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION operates on the Romanian and foreign market as an agent between business seller and business purchaser since 2007. We assume the responsibility of bringing them face to face, our final objective being to sell businesses.

If you are a successful business man and intend to extend your investments or you are a self-confident person and willing to take your destiny in your own hands, refusing to waste your capacities for the benefit of others, this is the appropriate place where you will find the best investment opportunities. We ensure you the access to the newest and most profitable business for sale.


  Purchase business
  Sell business

GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION works in order to find for you the business you like and makes you feel comfortable. You, like the other business purchasers, have the vision of being your own boss and make your own decisions. The business you have decided to run should correspond to your own ideals and ideas, and, most important, the business you buy should bring you profit.

GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION works to sell your business as profitably as possible. Often, the decision to sell your business is a hard one due to the strong personal and financial impact. The sale of your own business may represent the most important transaction you have ever made.


  Business list

GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION provides you the list of the newest businesses for sale on the market, together with important details which will help you appreciate the investment opportunity (e.g. location, scope of activity, type of transaction, turnover, net profit, owned assets, development potential, etc.).