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  Sell business

Have you consider the opportunity of selling your business?

GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION works in order to sell your business as profitably as possible. Often, the decision to sell your business is a hard one, due to the strong personal and financial impact. The sale of your own business may represent the most important transaction you have ever made. There are several aspects, independent of you that may convince you to decide to sell your business:

•    The desire of starting another type of business which may be more exciting or less stressful;
•    The need to introduce in the business new management requirements, new financial resources or a new business philosophy which to face the pressures imposed by the market, legislation or competitors;
•    The fatigue cumulated over the years;
•    The desire to retire or change your life style;
•    Lack of investment capital;
•    The concern regarding the business exposure to the risks of some personal obligations;
•    Serious health issues or disabilities;
•    Family issues (e.g. divorce) or partnership interruption when the business is owned by several associates;
•    Leaving from Romania, etc.


  GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION considers that sound relations with employees, clients, suppliers or banks are very important factors for any company. Any premature unveiling of a potential change of the business’s owner may lead to the interruption of relations herein and may shake the company position in relation to its competitors. For these reasons, and not only, confidentiality is very important at any stage of the transaction. By adopting an adequate attitude, you may eliminate the risk of transaction’s divulgation to third parties, before its completion.

GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION makes all provisions in order to keep the key-information related to your business in strict confidentiality, throughout the selling process, seeing that they are unveiled at the right moment, only to the final purchaser.

If you want to sell your business, do not hesitate to make a strict confidential appointment right now, with a representative of the company GOLDEN MONDIAL CORPORATION.